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Comments below clip:

Sick game :o]

Had a lot of fun playing it and nearly gave up!

Kudos to all involved, and thanks for making this very enjoyable game!

Great Game my guy!

why was Finn so cheeked up?

Good Job

This Game Was Just Madness 

Nice game, it scares me a lot

great game but i think mine got stuck LOL

great game has the right amount of scares hope one day there can be a longer version or revamp!

Great Scary Game!

OMG! So scary! So disturbing.... Very well done! :D

Hungarian playthrough:

Its funny, but maybe you can put a little bit of help in the start I have spend a lot of time to understand who was who :)

Warning to viewers: SPOILERS IN VIDEO!




I just love unhinged games like this. XD

game was fire !!!

What did I just PLAT!!

subscribe! anywaysss, this game was fucking great! If you get confused, press 'Q' on the keyboard

Very funny, but a little confusing. (Pt-BR)

Another fun horror romp from Combo Bomb games!! Always love how simple yet effective your games are, and I had another blast with this one! Its the first game I played in this 3 Scary Games video :)

game of the year honestly

Played at 06:06.

I didn't have words to describe my experience after I'd played it, not sure I do now! Crazy ride this one, strap in.


Loved the Game!! German Gameplay here! <3 ↓

La verdad me encanto, un muy buen juego indie corto de terror ;D 

A cool short horror game!

Great Creepy Game!

Used this in my montage


Great Game

the exe itself does not start is there any solution?

Use Breezip App On Windows

I love Adventure Time so I enjoyed playing this fan horror game! Very good jumpscares as well!


Love the game but there is alot of Glitches i found !

Gud Game Fun to Play but who The hell is That Girl In the Room next to dido and the Ice man ? :D

Loved the Game!! German Gameplay here! <3 ↓


this is a game and i like adventure time yup next game im hungry

Scared me lol

Mi video es español XD

Adventure Time Horror Game!! | The Fear Time

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