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Buena ambientación!

That was so much fun!Loved it!!

Did I have to download the Update version or something?

umm please help the game wont start

I enjoyed him watching my every move by him breaking his neck. XD

Bastante bueno, divertido y muchas cosas inesperadas, genial
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O POTRICK ESTRELA ME SEQUESTOU!Jogo EXTREMAMENTE FODA KKKKKKK me diverti demais namoral, recomendo. 


Estuvo divertido jugarlo y hasta tiene buena mini historia con mucho drama JAJA

It was funny to play it and It even has a good mini story with a lot of drama HAHA

Hey CBG, I will recommend making a zip file for the game. If you dont want to, i can send a zip file or I will make a page for

man there is already zip


it says there is a .7z and .rar None of those

Super funny

Italian gameplay


such a great game I really injoyed it :D

Eerie game! Quick and fun I really enjoyed it :)

Ren and Stimpy like textures!! Gross! But fun!

somebody namedd rohadm citrom stole your game

yeah i saw him before and i reported him

ok i got blocked after i reported him


❎ Using UE5 to make AAA games.

✅  Using UE5 to create fever dreams.

❎ Using UE4 to make AAA games.

✅  Using UE4 to create fever dreams.

Really enjoyed this game and Patick's been lifting, who knew he was also EVIL! 

Gameplay from Indonesia

I had a good time with this game!!! This was the first game I played in this video and it was very funny as well as a good amount of weirdness! I wonder what potrick snap 2 has in store...  Keep up the good work! If you're curious about my experience, then you can check out the video on my channel or watch the video I posted here! Enjoy my agony!

Aún siento la mirada de Potrick sobre mi, el juego me ha encantado. muy bueno y perturbador

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"The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma" That sums up this game


Asencio el der culo abierto

I liked it

a lot of bugs. but really cool otherwise

Loved this game! 

this game was so funny 

¡Hola! Delen me gusta, comenten y suscribanse al canal, Gameplay en Español Completo .

Good Looking game and fun too!
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game funny asl
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The bloated Patrick!

Hey thanks for allowing us to play!

I got a real kick from turning Potricks head so much!

One of the most random games I've played. 10/10

This is Peak Game Content in 2023

My best video yet thanks to this beautiful masterpiece! 😂

I get an error message when I try to download the game 

when i try to download the game it's never the zip file and I don't know how to get the game if there isn't for me, I think a zip file.

u have to right click the zip folder and press extract all

  1.  There is no .zip
  2.  Use 7zip or WinRAR ro extract the .rar file.

I have no words lol

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Review: (SPOILERS)

Honestly this game is great. you clean Patrick's house, have a dream about spongebob being tortured, Meet "spangebob" clean up a crime scene, and god much more. I love the graphic, the misspelling of the words and the comedy with the horror. stealth horror is also mixed in. overall great game.

I rate this game a solid 9.9/10 (0.1 is missing because Krabs got murdered RIP)

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