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love the game man keep up the good work

Loved the Game!! German Gameplay here! <3 ↓

chuck y

thank mohammed ahmed onto next game i love shocking therapy

Wtf mais sympa lol

Wasn't expecting that ending! But great little game. 

Great jumpscares but, is that REALLY the ending???

Fun Game !! MORE GAMES!! :D

lol very fun game . Not as good as the second one and I have no clue why an eyeball killed me? lol Still really enjoyed it ! The game is 3rd and starts at 7:36 

shawqi = chucky? cx

Nice game, but I didn't really know what to do half of the time lol



I did not expect that to be Chucky!!! That was a great surprise!! The game is awesome, really well made, fantastic job!! Now I have to play the 2nd one! This is my vid of the game!

Great game, love it !

Had to come back with the ending.

Pretty damn cool. It's a simple little game but pretty enjoyable. And I just love seeing Chucky in games! Thanks for the fun!

thank for this game !

Thanks You Too To Make A Video for my gam

(This was the first game I played in this video) I enjoyed this game! I felt like I was always being watched and stalked. I think the ending was a little cloudy and would've liked an explanation of what happened, however that didn't stop me from enjoying this!

I admit a couple of the jumpscares definitely got me, I enjoyed my time with the game even though I wasn’t exactly sure if I beat the game or not. Keep it up! 


This game was awesome. I'm not sure if I finished it though or not.
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5 min later, your game will start! I love this creepy atmosphere and have trauma against shawqiXD Wish more scary endings!


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Short but not bad. Definitely a weird ending but at least you added one Lol. Made a video on it.


Not a bad game, but I wish there were actual jumpscares

Hello, a very fun game, with a very good story, I want everyone who can help me by subscribing to my YouTube channel, please, greetings to all!

Guys, what character do you want in my new game?


Really Enjoyed This Game But Would Like More Like A Chase With The Antagonist Would Be Great But Good Job Great Game Thanks For The Scares. 

Hey Man I Am Making NowA New Very Horror Game With Chase And Story And Endings

Where Is The Vedio?


love your game thank you so much 


We do be still searching for the ending

Download Version 1.1V There Is Ending Bugs Fix

Hey Man I Making A New Game For New And He Well Have H Very Good Ending

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10/10 spooky game | Full Commentary
There's a bug on Shawqi where he won't leave the room
and also unlocking the door, opens the key descriptions too

Yes And Sorry For This Bugs


big creepy but where exit ?  ;D

Sorry The Is Some Bugs I Well Fix It Now


no problem .. i like help dev.. your game very scary ..damn

I Fixed The Bugs I Well Put Him In Right Now