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When I try typing the code at the part after the red light green light duck mini game, I get the code right but cant get out of the code ui or even press escape to go to the pause menu. Can you fix that bug pls? And if it's just something with computer just tell me! But what I am able to play is PERFECT! (:

Great horror game.

Cool demo, very similar to Garten of Banban series!

Good Job

scary game

Really good game! Few small bugs but overall pretty fun. Can't wait for the full version. 

Dude it is good by the way play my games on bloxels


hello combo bonb games i love your games i wait happy  place remake chapter 1  complete and toytopia i love  you combo bonb games and your games

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This game has got a lot of potential, but just 3 things :


2 - Add more checkpoints.

3 - Add more monsters.

more checkopints?????????????
cutescenes is perefect
bro i got 10 monsters already
just saying anything t say its bad

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Yes more checkpoints

I hate this little green toy in the cutscenes

Not more monsters but more boss battles if you understand : there's only 1 monster in the game

good game, i will wait for full game

Mobile android please

The game seems so much more polished. The only thing is the part with the red light, green light puzzle not being able to skip the cutscene, as well as the part with entering the code, you cannot backout of it & it bugged out on me even when I entered the correct code, I couldn't leave it. Other than that, solid game, can't wait for future updates/games!

This is a decent demo,  needs more scares but still good 

Great Game can't wait for more!!


Was a fun demo and has a lot of potential with the full release if it keeps improving. Do wish it had more scares as it def has the cast for some creepy fun. Quick video but really shows the best moments from the demo 

please make the game a zip

Deleted post

Don't worry about what people say, with some touching up this game has potential, this game definitely has more content than the first Happy Place so keep up the good work! Will be posting a vid soon on it!

Wasn't great, pal

bro you come to life to say just to all my games they are bad or not great lol
also i am not a AAA company 
i am very indie dev

Very good game except for the part when my key disappeared

Nice game.

Great game, this is better than radiowave lol




Nice game, found a few bugs here and there.  I would recommend making the areas for placing objects, such as the counters for the doll and the cups, a bit more obvious. 

the rocks are a banana man referance



Had a lot of fun with this, just a little suggestion: if we could skip the cutscene with the Duck enemy when we die and have to retry would be neat, but aside that it was fun, good work :)

Hello, this game is fabulous, I love the graphics, I want you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, I need help, greetings, friend, and CONGRATULATIONS...

Great Game, Cant Wait For The Full Game To Come Out...

Awesome game as always! Looking forward to the full game!


For being an early remake of the original, this was not bad at all. Made a video on it.

is this a newer game compared to the other happy place i see in your list? im down to play both either way


I liked the demo! I'm wondering who the hand puppet is and why he convinced the player to go to Happy Land! Can't wait to play the full release! Great job!

There is a bug to where the pull up/garage door doesn't open after completing the picture code puzzle. Had to scrap the video due to this bug as it softlock's the game.


in the playground?

It seems like it fixed itself. Redownloaded to game to screenshot the bug but it opens now. I was talking this door. Will try doing a video on this again. This is at the 4-digit picture puzzle at pretty much the beginning of the game. Perhaps you could bug test this specific area for anything just in-case.


yeah it was bug and i fix it
i think you downloaded the version before the door fix
so hope you have fun + thanks for playing :)

Video is edited and will be uploaded tomorrow at around 12:00 PM CST. Encountered more bugs during my second playthrough but nothing that stopped me from playing it unlike the door one. Left those in the video so you can try and troubleshoot and fix those. Great game regardless though, definitely has potential!

i love this Game !!! 💕

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