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How come it's scary to get a house?

More one very good game.

Good Job

Good Game!!!

I just finished a quick Halloween horror game stream, and I got to play your game there. Always a fun replay:

The god.

The sudden development and fear are interesting!

Thank you for your wonderful work♪

Thanks for this type of game !! 

Thank you for making this game~ ૮₍´。ᵔ ꈊ ᵔ。`₎ა

This game made my body temp skyrocket lmfao 10/10 ! ☆

after that first jumpscare i knew i messed up lmao


Straight to the point! Just how I like it! 

Very interesting horror game with some great jumpscares.

Nice game.. Good graphics and freaky atmosphere!

lmao, that was crazy fun.

Great Game!

Fun Short Horror Game Keep Up The Good Work 

V ery nice Game, i Love it, ty for letting us playing this Game ;)

This game was fun. Wish it was longer but i enjoyed it for what it was anyway! The bathroom part was pretty funny.. lol. Try this game out, its fun!

Here is my video if you want to watch!

Cool game, I enjoyed playin' it. Scared me a few times 😂

(I play it at 15:32)

The bathroom bit was one of the best things ever done in video game history 

Impressive that you only made this game in a day! Jumpscare placement was pretty good. Would've been fun to see more horror elements, but I know time constraints played a big part in that. Was fun to check out, thanks!

This game is great. Turns I didn't expect.

Great little game with cool surprise as well, good work :)

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This was certainly some kind of experience.

Comments below clip:

When you try to escape, but  fate sticks to you like gd glue. You run, but you can't hide. You go left. You go right. But in reality there ain't no right, right?

Cue in "Devida Hunted [Haunted?] House," and all your nightmares will come true [whether you like it or not :o].

Thanks for making this game. I sincerely enjoyed playing it!

This...I wasn't ready for all the jumpscares! It was a good experience for sure! 

Short, but the jumpscares got me good.
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Made a short video from the gameplay, enjoy!

*Beware of jumpscare spoilers*

short game, but actually funny. Chucky was the best part.

Very Funny game! Really enjoyed it and did jump a few times . The game is second and starts at 3:55 


Good game, but the Chucky. 

Very good game. It did confuse me as to why Chucky was there? The jumpscares got me good too. That toilet bit really had me laughing. I hope to see more from you! Here is my video!

Spoopy game....Wish it was longer (thats what she said) but had a blast will def play your next game.

Happy Halloween yall :)

This gave my heart a workout its a super fun game checkout my play through

Really unexpected jumpscares, and really fun game! It was the last game I played in this video

This is probably the scariest jumpscare that I have came across yet. It’s a short game however I recommend you give a shot!

Check out the video above to see me getting scared and with some funny moments as well! ❤️

Any One Have Any Idea For My New Game

Goodness gracious that jumpscare got me everytime! Good work forrealz!
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