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These games always makes me laugh. Nice cut scene in the end . I can see improvement with every game you make ! Keep it up . Your game is 1st and starts at 00:07 

Fun little game, good work :)

i enjoyed the game

Amazing!! Was not expecting it to to down like this lol!!!! 

Loved this game, hate big stuffed bears. It's the second game on the video.

Love how simple yet scary your games are! Keep it up! 

Cool Games


Weird game with massive teddies.

i loved bears

Game looks great! Any tips on how to make my game page look better? Thanks!

add background with your logo and banner and make the page color looks like in the game 


This was a fun and silly game there was one jumpscare that got me 

keep up the good work

I thought the game was funny and teddy bears gave me a few scares. But I do feel like this game was a little messy. I definitely think I missed a few things. But I was entertained nonetheless.


Bro, you’re so awesome for including me and Skirbee in this game. I can’t express how much I appreciate that. You’ve also gotten alot better with building ambience and the jumpscares are smoother. Keep up the good work my friend! 

Thank for this game, i always waiting your game !!! !

Very good like always!



Awesome game!

Always great to play another game by you. Thnak you for the game.

(This was the second game I played in this video) Nice simple horror game to get some good laughs and spooks out of. Love the homage to the content creators as well!

 cool game

other hit creepy ;*

Short but not bad. Compared to your previous games this one was a bit more creative. Made a video on it.

very amazing game just grateful to be a part of this thankyou

love your game so much thank you 

Great game as always!