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Not as scary as Potrick Snap, but still very funny and scary!

It scared me a good couple of times, good game!

Can i say, the swarm saw what bermito did to kermit and we have some questions!!

Good Kermit Game

I had a great time with this one. I didn't expect it to be so funny. There's some good surprises around that house haha. Thanks for the fun!

Kermito was both hilarious and horrifying. Who knew Kermit had a creepy brother! Great game hossa and hazem!

Awesome game! 


Never thought that Kermit The Frog can be scary... 

i love it AHAHAH

The humor was spot on. Cheers on making a very creepy game. Definitely worth the money.

s a really good short game lol Very fun to play and made me laugh a lot. Never knew Kermit had a brother with such beautiful hair though

You never disappoint me with your games, I always end up both afraid and laughing everyone I play one. This was awesome keep up the hood work! 

Keep up the work!

game was amazing these games just get better and better I

always end up getting scared 

Nice Game! Keep up the good work!

Firstly, let me say that I think this game was worth the money! There are some moments in the story and tasks that had me confused at times. However, the silliness and charm of this game is what really shines! Great job devs!


Thank for this game !

No-commentary playthrough:

A modern masterpiece.

As of right now (3:15 P.M on 10/27/22). I am your top donator I feel all powerful. Thank you for another game be looking forward for more.


This Kermit game was hilarious 


Great game! Keep up the good work!




other cool creepy  :D